Todd Haley Won’t Let Injury Keep Him Away

The Kansas City Chiefs have 7 players on their injury report and could be without several of them against the Cardinals on Sunday.  But as Kent Babb reports, we already know one person that won’t let an injury keep him off the field.

Coach Todd Haley said Friday that he will “absolutely” be on the Chiefs’ sideline Sunday, days after suffering a severe injury to his right leg that has forced him to walk with a noticeable limp this week.

Haley indicated that he hadn’t considered coaching against the Cardinals from the press box.  He has refused to discuss the specifics of his injured leg, saying that it hasn’t kept him from being a full participant during practices.

There has been a lot of talk about pick up basketball games between Haley and Cards head coach Ken Whisenhunt when they were both assistants in New York.  Haley also mentioned on Friday that he is too old to run those type of games at Arrowhead, so maybe he was working on his hoops game and tweaked his knee.

Or maybe he just slipped getting out of the shower.  Either way I wouldn’t expect to get a straight answer from Haley.  At the same time, if you thought there was any chance that the Chiefs head coach would coach this team from upstairs you don’t know anything about Haley.

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