Todd Haley’s Chiefs Will Play To Win The Game

The Kansas City Chiefs have already locked up the AFC West, meaning in the grand scheme of things Sunday’s game against the Oakland Raiders doesn’t mean much.

After all, wouldn’t Todd Haley want to make sure he keeps one of the healthiest teams in the NFL… well, healthy?

Nope.  According to the head coach, his (and his players) only goal is to play to win the game.

“We’re still in the developing foundation-laying period for this team.  There are some teams that can think like that, I don’t think we’re one of those teams, I know we’re not.  We just have so much work still to be done and we’ve got little time to do it so each and every day is important for us to continue to make progress across the board – there is no position spot that I can say we’re good here.”

Haley has clearly decided to stay on message this week, which isn’t much of a surprise if you have listened to him much this year.  Though unlike the rest of the season, it’s hard to see things from his point of view this time around.  Maybe if Haley wasn’t trying to tell us that Sunday’s game is as important as any upcoming playoff games, but that’s exactly what he is attempting to do.

“This is a very critical game for us, no matter how you slice it; it is the biggest game of the year.”

Biggest game of the year?  Sure, you would like to finish the regular season on a positive note but to try and convince anyone that Chiefs-Raiders in Week 17 is the biggest game of the year just over a week before the first playoff game in Kansas City in seven years just sounds silly.

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