Tom Cable Out In Oakland

Just when it seemed that Al Davis may choose to keep Tom Cable after the Raiders were undefeated in the AFC West and won three of their last five overall with two tough losses, ESPN is reporting Oakland will not pick up the option on his contract.

The Raiders are 17-27 since Cable became head coach, but posted their best record since 2002 in 2010-11, and this season was the first time since ’02, when Oakland went to the Super Bowl, that it didn’t lose at least 11 games. Perhaps part of the problem has been Cable’s wavering on the Raiders’ starting quarterback.

Oakland has had five coaches since 2003.

I’ll take Cable in a bar fight long before I take him as my coach, but what exactly does Al Davis expect out of a new coach?

The Raiders are constantly a mess and bringing in a new coach (likely OC Hue Jackson) with a new agenda that Davis needs to approve is just going to set the team back again.  Not that I’m complaining…

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