Tom Cable Yet To Meet With Al Davis

Though it was reported Raiders coach Tom Cable would meet with owner Al Davis yesterday, according to senior executive John Herrera that meeting was never planned.

“I never had any knowledge of a meeting on Monday,” Herrera said.

That didn’t stop news trucks from staking out the facility in Alameda or reports airing that Monday would be the day that Cable learned whether he will return as Raiders coach.

By late afternoon, Cable and Davis still hadn’t made an appearance at the team’s year-round headquarters.

Cable said he expects to be the Raiders coach next season.  Davis is undecided, according to several people familiar with the situation.

Calls to Cable were not returned.  He met with Davis on Jan. 4, the day after the season ended, and said they agreed to meet at some point this week.

So while every non-playoff team is getting a jump on 2010, Al Davis is taking his sweet time… Nice.

I’m not even going to talk about how terrible it must be if you’re a Raiders fan because at this point it goes without saying.

Either fire the guy or let him go to work.

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