Tony Moeaki Passes Tony Gonzalez

No one is ready to anoint Kansas City Chiefs rookie TE Tony Moeaki the next Tony Gonzalez.  After all, Gonzalez was one of the best Chiefs players ever and arguably the best tight end the league has ever seen.  However, Moeaki is now officially the best rookie TE Kansas City has ever seen.

Tony Moeaki has 36 receptions on the season, the highest total every accumulated by a Chiefs rookie tight end, breaking the previous mark of 33 established by TE Tony Gonzalez in ’97.

After Cassel hit Moeaki for 21 yards on Sunday, someone wondered aloud if he could be the next TG, a question that has been posed more than a few times since Kansas City took him in the 3rd round of April’s draft.

I stole my answer from Lee Corso: “Not so fast, my friend!”

The kid has had a remarkable season and to this point he is on track to have a markedly better rookie season than Gonzalez.  But in order to keep up, Moeaki will need to put up 60 catches next season (TG had 59) and then for the next decade never have a season with less than 70.

Obviously in order for any of that to happen Moeaki has to stay on the field.  He had trouble staying healthy during his time at Iowa and missed time for the Chiefs early on in the preseason and then after a helmet-to-helmet hit during the first Denver game.  If he can stay healthy, then the sky is the limit for Moeaki.  That includes nipping on the heels of Gonzalez.

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