Moeaki Knows Stanzi Will Feel At Home In Kansas City

When the Kansas City Chiefs are able to practice as a team for the first time this season, TE Tony Moeaki will be joined by a former teammate at Iowa, QB Ricky Stanzi.  Moeaki told The Daily Iowan that he was surprised to hear the two would be paired up again, but that Stanzi won’t have trouble feeling welcome.

Moeaki joked that he almost drove off the road when he heard he would once again be sharing a locker room with his close friend.

While Stanzi won’t get much playing time as he learns the Chiefs’ system behind Cassel, Moeaki said he expects the young quarterback will feel right at home just a few hours away from Iowa City.

“If my eyes wander, I’ll see a sea of red, but I’ll see guys in black and gold,” the tight end said.  “You see a lot of Iowa fans wearing their Iowa stuff at Kansas City games.”

If Stanzi — even spending his games on the bench — gets any sort of contingent out to the home games, it might be a little easier next season to pick out those black and gold jerseys.

By my count, the current Chiefs roster (including free agents and rookies) is most represented by Alabama, Mississippi and LSU with five players each, but Iowa is right behind them with three: Moeaki, Stanzi and Casey Wiegmann.  And while those other schools may have more former players, it’s safe to say they will never see any LSU colors in Arrowhead.

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