Training Camp: News & Notes 8/2


The Kansas City Chiefs held their third practice of training camp today.  Bob Gretz, Josh Looney and the fine folks at UWRF broke everything down.

The four QBs practiced putting rollout passes into a net from about 30 yards out.  The net has three squares to catch the football (probably about one foot-by-one foot), placed diagonally – upper left, center, lower right.  Cassel, Thigpen and Croyle each hit their first throw dead center to put the pressure on Ingle Martin to complete the four throw sweep.  Martin got the crowd pretty riled up when his throw went inside the upper left square.

The team again ran a live goal-line segment of practice and on the first play, Larry Johnson was crunched by tacklers, including a big shot from Bernard Pollard.  Johnson later leaped  over the top in an attempt to score.  Jamaal Charles had a nice TD run to the pylon.  Fullback Jed Collins caught a TD pass out of a goal line play near the back of the end zone, beating Mike Brown.

Brad Cottam had a Tony Gonzalez-like catch down the deep middle, snagging it with one hand over his head and then pulling the ball in.  Probably his best catch as a member of the Chiefs.

In the middle of 7-v-7 drills.  Coach Haley drew applause from the crowd when he stopped play for a brief moment to preach consistency to the wide receivers.  This position group will be under the watchful eye of the head coach all year long.

Ryan Succop hit all four of his FG attempts in the practice.  Dustin Colquitt also kicked and looked good with several high hang-time kicks and only two shanks.  WRs Rodney Wright and Quinten Lawrence were again returning punts.

In one-on-one pass protection, Waters struggled  in his first go against Tank Tyler and came up limping afterwards.  He went back in and worked another series of snaps later  in the drill.

In other pass rush-protection snaps, C Eric Ghiaciuc did a good job against NT Derek Lokey, G Wade Smith and DE Alex Magee had a good battle over three snaps.  Magee showed a second move on one rush that was impressive for a rookie.  Tamba Hali embarrassed rookie T Cameron Goldberg, blowing past him three straight times.  LB Pierre Walters had a nice inside rush on Branden Albert.

During the team work, Hali forced Matt Cassel out of the pocket with a strong rush and Cassel finished the play with a very bad slide.  Tyler Thigpen had a nice completion to Lawrence with pressure right in his grill.  WR Taurus Johnson dropped a nice throw from Brodie Croyle.

I love this team has done goal line work on the first two days of training camp.  If they were to do a session down there every day I wouldn’t have an issue, no matter how bruising the workout can end up being.  There were too many games over the last few years that the Chiefs failed to not only score from inside the red zone, but were constantly stopped in the middle of a drive because they couldn’t convert for 1 or 2 yards.  Not this year.

Very cool to see both Ghiaciuc and Walters have their names mentioned.  Keep reminding the coaches that you’re here to play, boys.  Just make sure you realize you’re only as good as your last practice, just ask Cameron Goldberg.

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