Training Camp Q&A: Amani Toomer 8/4

Following his first practice with the Chiefs, Amani Toomer met with the media.  Here are the highlights.AmaniToomer4

On ending up in Kansas City:

“You look at the situation here, young team with a new coach with a great quarterback.  It’s a great situation for me to be in and I’m happy to be here.  It’s like you can see the excitement coming through here and how the coaches are trying to change the environment.  It’s a good situation for me to be in.  Just getting the chance to be around a lot of younger players and we got a lot of talent on this team.”

Is it quicker for a WR to get acclimated:

“I don’t know if it’s quicker.  I’ve been in a lot of different offenses and this one’s another different one, but it’s going to be a challenge for me to get it all down in a quick period of time.  I’ve got my work cut out for me, but I’m excited and I’m up to the challenge.  I’m super excited to be here.”

A lot of veterans go to chase a ring, why come to a team rebuilding?

“This league is up and down, you never know, who says I’m not a chasing ring?  Who says we can’t win one here?  That’s kind of the way that I’m looking at it.  The way the NFL is set up you can go from a two-win season to the Super Bowl.  It’s possible, it’s happened and I think we have the players here and I think we have the belief here.”

On leaving the Giants:

“I think they are a great organization, I have nothing against them.  They felt like they needed to move on.  I agreed, I felt like I needed to move on.  I don’t think that it was a good situation for me.  I had 13 great years there, I can’t complain about anything. But they decided to move on, that’s it, and so did I.”

Have you picked up tricks of the trade in 13 years?

“I have a few; I have a few tricks up my sleeve.  You don’t stay around unless you pick up a few things.  I’m happy to be here and we have a receiving corps that I could help out.”

Were you confident that you were going to get a call?

“Yeah, I definitely thought I was going to play.  I kept working out like I was going to play.  It bothered me ego-wise, but other than that I kept going and doing my thing and I’m here now so it all doesn’t really matter.”

I’m starting to come around to this signing.  I’ve received roughly a dozen emails lobbying me and little by little it’s working.  You have to like that he is coming in here with a chip on his shoulder and maybe that helps to shave a couple years off his body.  Those are important years, because if he plans on being an offensive leader, he is going to have to prove it out on the field.  Just like Mike Vrabel and Zach Thomas can make Derrick Johnson a better linebacker, Amani Toomer and Bobby Engram can make Dwayne Bowe a better receiver.

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