Training Camp Q&A: Matt Cassel 8/13


Before today’s Chiefs practice, Matt Cassel met with the media.  Here are the highlights:

On the offense:

“We are making a lot of progress.  We are working hard each and every day.  There are a lot of things being thrown at us right now in terms of concepts and what we are trying to get done and we are trying to look at a bunch of different things.  Overall we are definitely making a lot of strides.”

What are your objectives going into this weekend’s game?

“I think anytime you go into preseason it is a great opportunity for the team and the offense to come together and work on different things whether it is the running game or the passing game.  There are a lot new concepts going on right now in our offense in general.  I’m sure we will take a lot of different looks at a lot of things this weekend.”

How much do you expect to play on Saturday?

“I really don’t know.  The coach hasn’t said anything.  I am just going to go in there and prepare to play four quarters if I have too.”

Do you feel pressure going into your first game at Arrowhead?

“I’m excited, I really am.  I don’t know if pressure is the word I would use but I’m definitely a little antsy, I’m excited for the opportunity to get in front of the Arrowhead fans because it is a historic place.”

On the inconsistent passing game:

“It’s part of training camp.  There are days when the defense is going to win and days when the offense is going to win.  Especially when you get into these practices where it is the second week and they (the defense) have seen a lot of your concepts, they’re jumping routes.  It is inevitable that they are going to have some success.  They are also playing better which is great to see.”

How involved is Coach Haley with the offense and how hands-on is offensive coordinator Chan Gailey with the quarterbacks?

“We meet with Chan (Gailey).  He is not only our offensive coordinator but he’s also our QBs coach so he is really the guy who is handling the day-to-day operation with the QBs and also in terms of play calling.  Todd (Haley) is out there and he is overseeing everything that is going on in terms of the overall team.”

Does this feel like your team?

“It does, we are moving in the right direction.  We still have a lot of work to go but I am comfortable with the guys now because I have been here a little while.  Hopefully we can keep building and building to make this thing a finished product.”

Have you been throwing more than in previous camps?

“My arm is about to fall off right now (laughs).  We have gone out there and it has been one-a-day, two-a-day, one-a-day, two-a-day and you have every drill you could possibly think of.  Obviously being the starter you get a lot more reps and a lot more throws and that is something I have to monitor going forward here.”

What is your message to the Chiefs fans that will be at the game Saturday?

“Cheer loud.”

You get the message, folks?  Cheer loud!  With his arm working on overdrive right now, you might not get much time Saturday to cheer, so get loud early and often.

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