Training Camp Q&A: Matt Cassel 8/26

After the Chiefs morning practice, Matt Cassel met with the media.  Here are the highlights:

What do you want out of this third preseason game?

“I think it’s just a game where we’re going to try and go out and continue to try to make progress. I think we made some progress last week, we did some good things.  We also did some bad things.  Make improvements on the things that we’re not so good at right now, and really build on those things that we did well.”

Is Dwayne Bowe making progress?

“He is.  Dwayne’s doing a great job.  He’s coming out to work each and every day and he’s working hard.  He’s been diligent about what he’s doing and he comes in with a purpose, and I think that’s the big thing that coach wanted to see, and he’s doing a great job.”

How much different is the offense, in your mind, when he’s out there vs. when he’s not?

“As a quarterback, I love having a guy like Dwayne Bowe.  He’s a big body, he’s a guy that’s done the offense obviously for a few years now and knows how to use that big body of his.  He’s a weapon, and any time you can have a weapon on the field you love that as a quarterback.”

On the new linemen:

“I don’t know much about the players to be completely honest.  They just got here yesterday or the day before and are still trying to get caught up to speed.  I think the offensive line that we have right now; they’re doing a great job.  They’re still learning and we’re still trying to work together as a group and build that cohesiveness.  Hopefully they’ll come in and be able to help us on the line, but if not, I’m really happy and really excited about the guys we have up there now.”

One of the knocks on you last year was that you held on to the ball too long. Is that something you’ve really worked on, trying to get rid of the ball quicker?

“You try to get rid of the ball quickly and you try and make plays happen when you can, and sometimes what happens is you get sacked, and that’s part of the ball game.  As long as you’re not turning the ball over and making costly errors, which a lot of times, some quarterbacks would rather throw the ball up, and all of a sudden something bad happens, that’s not what we want to happen.  If I have to take a sack I’ll take a sack.  It’s something and a point of emphasis I tried to make this off-season, was get the ball out quicker, and if I need to run and makes plays, do it.”

After three weeks of practicing against your own guys, is it tough to make things work if your defense knows what to expect?

“Well on the one play, we ran a screen pass and they had a weak safety blitz right into the screen and then he’s (Coach Haley) like ‘run it again. I’m like, ‘they just saw the screen pass.’  We ran it again, so I think it is one of those points of emphasis that you just have to make things happen and it’s not going to always be perfect in the game, and even if it’s not, we’ve got to try and make this go.”

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