Training Camp Q&A: Todd Haley 8/12


In between today’s two Chiefs training camp practices, Todd Haley met with the media.  Here are the highlights:

Overall thoughts on the morning practice:

“A little shorter practice today (but) in full pads though.  Thought it was crisp and thought we got a lot done.  Had a new guest coach out there – Mark Bavaro – who some of you probably remember.  He’s a guy I’ve got to know over the years and is one of my favorite football players of all time.  I’m excited to have him in here kind of helping with the tight ends and really with everyone in general.  Overall, I thought it was a pretty good morning, pretty competitive.  I thought the offense picked it up a little bit, made some tougher players from a couple of different positions, so I thought that was a good start today.”

What are you looking for Saturday night?

“Get through pre-game without incident, get lined up for stretch – those are things we’re going through right now as a staff that have me worried to start with.  Then, getting the ball kicked off with everybody….I mean every part of Saturday night is going to be a stepping stone for us and for me personally.  Obviously, I’d like to see us execute and, at the same time as I said yesterday, we’ve got to be able to evaluate these players.  I hope we get enough plays to do that.  You know, there are a lot of different things to be worrying about – just starting to look like a team as much as anything else.”

On the expectations from the starting group Saturday:

“We’re not going to be real complicated, so I would say the most important thing is does everybody know what to do and then how well are we doing it.  Going all the way back to OTA’s, we want guys who do it the way we want it done, the way they’re being coached to do it, and then how well are they doing it.  If we do it, I would imagine we would execute okay and, like I said, start to look a football team.”

Is pre-season more critical for this team?

“I don’t know if our pre-season is any more important than anybody else’s pre-season.  It’s important to everybody and it goes fast and doesn’t seem long enough.  For us, personally, the Kansas City Chiefs, it’s critical to our success down the road.”

Are you happy with training camp so far?

“I think I’m encouraged; I don’t know if I’m happy, jovial, high-fiving.  I think I’m encouraged and that we clearly have some guys that are starting to get it and the more guys that we have that get it the better chance we have to have success.  When you have a Branden Albert who was pretty ill yesterday and made it through a hot practice and then you see him today after the morning practice running again, that’s a guy – and I’ve said it before – who gets it.  Some of these guys who are fighting through some pain right now, those are guys who look like they’re starting to get it.  So the more guys that we can have that start to get into that group the better.”

On Dwayne Bowe:

“I thought he probably made one of his better plays of camp yesterday on the sideline.  He competed for the football and made a play.  I thought today it looked like he was competing to the football and with the football.  I would say in the last two games there has been some progress.”

On Tamba Hali:

“I think this kid is a hungry kid who wants to be really good.  There isn’t a time that you don’t see him working.  A lot of things you don’t see.  I went into the (weight room) the other day and there was a pool of sweat around (weight machine) the size of a small lake and I knew Tamba had been there.  Then, you see him after practice and you see him before practice and with his own money he purchased a football station that he can watch tape.  He’s doing all the things to try to be really good.  I would say he’s starting to look like an outside backer.”

How many times have you been in Arrowhead since being hired?

“I’ve not been in it yet.  I’m saving that.  I didn’t want to intentionally.  I’m saving that for Saturday.”

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