Training Camp Q&A: Todd Haley 8/19

In between today’s two Chiefs training camp practices, Todd Haley met with the media.  Here are the highlights:

On Corey Mays:

“I think he is clearly in the mix.  He’s been a very consistent guy every day, gotten a little bit better every day in whatever situation we’re in.  In the preseason game I thought he played a very solid game to good game.  It continued this week with a good week of practice.  I think that when a guy is in that mode I’m excited about it.”

On the quarterbacks:

“I think we just have to continue to get better.  It’s a process, this whole thing is a process although we might be leaving here in a couple of days camp is going to continue.  It’s just going to continue in a different venue.  I don’t know how many days we have left now but I’m guessing in the mid to high-20s where we’re going to be able to continue to go out and practice and continue to install and try to find our identity.  It’s a process and right now we’re heading into our second pre-season game and I expect every position to continue to improve and get better.”

By the answer to one of your questions yesterday you seemed to indicate you weren’t real happy with Matt Cassel.  Is that indeed the case?

“No, I don’t think that’s the case at all.  The question you were referring to, I think, was has he been the best quarterback.  My response to that was this is a full-time evaluation.  I mean it’s everything that is going on, so you have game situations which one quarterback’s situation may be a little bit different than another’s.  The plays called may be different; there are a lot of things that go into the equation that I don’t think it’s fair to any of those guys to answer that question.  It had nothing to do with my feelings towards anybody.  I think that Matt is working hard, is into it, he cares about it.  This is training camp and you’re trying to evaluate a lot of guys: running backs, receivers, tight ends, the whole deal.  My response was more to be fair to all those guys.”

Are you aware that it fuels the fire when you say your quarterback spot is open completion and it’s going to lead to speculation that you’re still not sold on one of these guys as being the guy you go to?

“You can make out of that what you want, but what I’ve told this team is every spot is open and I’m going to stay true to my word and we’re going to evaluate every spot and the guys that give us the best chance to win on opening day will be in the starting lineup.  I’m sticking to my word, that’s all.”

On LS Thomas Gafford working with the tight ends:

“That just kind of came up yesterday talking to Thomas who I don’t have a lot of background information on.  We were having a little conversation and I asked him what he played in college and he was a receiver in high school and tight end in college.  His eyes kind of lit up when I started talking to him about that and to me anywhere you can save a spot I think that gives us an advantage.  So, we’re going to start working him in there at tight end and maybe a little fullback and if it saves us a roster spot in one game in some situation it could help us.  I think that’s good business.”

Are you seeing progress in the way the guys are thinking and adapting to those different situations you’re putting them in on the practice field?

“Yeah, I definitely think we’re making progress in the situational stuff.  That’s as important to me as anything else.  It really is because, again, that’s where the games are won and lost.  What I want in the end is a team that’s going to be hard to beat.  I think a team that’s hard to beat plays pretty good defense, they don’t turn the ball over, they don’t beat themselves and they don’t beat themselves mentally.  I’m seeing definite progress.”

When are the arrowheads going on the helmets, or some of them?

“Probably soon, we’re probably spending too much money on decals now, but we’ll see.”

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