Training Camp Q&A: Todd Haley 8/20

Following the Chiefs final practice (ever) in River Falls, Todd Haley met with the media.  Here are the highlights:

Opening Statement:

“I think it’s been a very productive three weeks for us.  I feel like we’ve made progress in a lot of different areas.  What’s important to know, and what I’ve told the players, is that when we get back to Kansas City we will still be in training camp mode.  It will just be a change of venue is all.  We’ll continue training camp practices next week (in Kansas City) with the two-one-two-one format (two practices one day, one practice the next) and I think that will be an important stretch for us – this transition to home with the distractions involved that we can’t let affect us.  Once there, it’ll probably be a little hotter which I think we’ll be good for us.  Thought everything worked out great here and now am looking forward to getting back home.”

How much are starters going to play tomorrow night?

“Probably a half.  I think we could adjust to that and I was thinking a little shorter than that.  We just had a staff meeting and I think we’ll go at least a half for most of them with a couple of exceptions depending upon how many plays we have on both sides of the ball.  I would say count on a half.  I think a lot of people do it different ways but obviously the third game is the game that everybody plays the most through the half and into the third quarter.  You go through that process of going through a halftime which we as coaches think is important.”

The personnel area that has made the most progress:

“I’d say if you pinned me down on it I might say linebackers, just because it’s been such a transition for them.  There have been some guys who have made very good strides in a different position.  We’ve got a couple of young guys that we really didn’t know what we’d get out of them – like Andy Studebaker, a guy I haven’t talked about much, a small college guy who probably had one of the best off-seasons of anybody as far as just work.  You gotta pull the reins on him because he doesn’t stop: lifting, running, whatever it is.  We just didn’t know a lot about him as a football player.  I think he’s got a chance and, on top of that, he’s got a really good chance to be a good special teams player – also, the ability to become a long snapper.”

Do you think there’s any danger that the defensive players get too fired up with Brett Favre in there?

“I think this will be a great challenge for us, an excellent pre-season game.  There are certain places that you play in the preseason that are excellent.  I’ve always liked going to Green Bay and it’s an excellent place to have a preseason game because you knew it’s always going to be full.  It would be a regular season-type atmosphere.  Minnesota being indoors Brett Favre and all that, those fans will obviously be excited and I think it’ll be a game I’m kinda looking forward to.  We’ll get a lot of out of it as a team.”

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