Training Camp Q&A: Todd Haley 8/6


After the Chiefs afternoon practice, Todd Haley met with the media.  Here are the highlights:

On having NFL officials in camp:

“We’ll have them for the next two days through Saturday.  I thought it was an excellent opportunity with them here – having (referee) Mike Carey and his group to go through a couple of two minute situations, end of the game situation.  They were in a lot of the drills and we were trying to emphasize the point of not having penalties.  I told them to really be sticklers about anything they saw, so if they put a flag on the ground we could talk about it.  I thought it was a very productive day from that standpoint.”

What did Scott Pioli tell you about Matt Gutierrez?

“He’s a big guy with a big strong arm.  He’s an excellent preparation guy.  I didn’t know a lot about the guy coming in, but we watched a little bit of him and I think it’s another opportunity to turn the roster and press guys.  That’s going to be the way we operate.”

On Brodie Croyle:

“Missing all the OTA’s he didn’t get to practice at all.  That’s tough for a quarterback because you miss out on the simple things like even cadence and in the huddle.  If you’re not doing them they’re easy to get you out of rhythm or you’re not as sharp as you need to be – especially when you get into audibles.  I think for the first couple of days it was tough for him to get back into the mode of practicing, but then he picked it up in day three or four.  I’ve got to watch the tape today because I don’t know how he did overall.  I thought in the two minute (drill) there might have been a couple of spots where he maybe could have got the ball.  I think he’s making progress, but missing that OTA was definitely tough.”

His thoughts on Alex Magee:

“I’m encouraged with Alex at this point.  He’s a no-nonsense guy, don’t hear a lot out of him.  His eyes are always open wide and he’s playing attention to the coaches all the time.  If you’re talking he’s generally listening.  I think that he’s practicing hard; he’s a good looking athlete who shows up in practice on a consistent basis.  He’s one of those guys that when you’re watching tape you say, ‘who’s that?’ Well, it’s #71.  I think those are all good signs.”

On the options for returning kicks:

“That’s another tough one.  Until the bullets are flying and we see the Houston Texans and can talk about it a little more then we’ll see how it goes.  But it’s one thing catching it off the jug (gun) and another off the punter’s foot, as you saw yesterday.  Quinten Lawrence was struggling a little bit with that.  It’s a process learning how to judge the ball and it’s nice having a guy like Bobby Engram back there helping.  (Assistant Coach) Dedric Ward has caught a lot of punts in the league.  We’re coaching them all the time.  Once there are 10 guys flying down full steam at you that’ll weed out some guys.”

The running back situation:

“That running back competition is going to be interesting.  I talked about Jackie (Battle) yesterday and Jamaal (Charles) has obviously flashed some here.  He’s got big-time speed.  Larry is a totally different kind of back.  I’m kind of excited to see how that whole competition plays out and I think it’s only good for us when you have competition like that.  The guys all want to play and I don’t think there is one that is content to sit on the bench.”

How is the center competition between Rudy Niswanger and Eric Ghiaciuc?

“I think Brian De La Puente is another guy you have to talk about.  We’ve got some other guards that are potential centers.  I think Rudy has done a good job to this point and Eric’s doing a good job of getting integrated into a new team.  So, I would say that’s another good competition.  Like I said, there could be a guy from another position pushing.  We’re going to create competition any way we can.”

Do you have a policy about twitter?

“I haven’t figured out what tweeting is, I really haven’t.  I understand texting but I don’t understand tweeting. I know we’re not allowing cell phones anywhere in the building and they’ll be fined if they do.  Can you tweet on a phone or do you need a special phone?  I figure as long as you eliminate the phones, then we don’t have to worry about the tweeting.  If you find (a phone) inside somebody’s uniform, let me know.”

Haley talking about twitter could be one of the better quotes I’ve heard from a coach in a long while.  Dare I say it was…  Herm-esque.

I have to agree with Haley that the running back competition is going to be interesting.  With the way Larry Johnson has turned things around, we can all probably correctly assume he’ll be there at the top of the depth chart.  But Battle has been very impressive and Charles is always a threat to take one to the house.  The guy that needs to start getting his name out there is Javarris Williams.  He can make the team as the fourth running back, but how long with a late round pick last if he’s languishing on the bench?

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