Training Camp Q&A: Todd Haley 8/8


Following the Chiefs first scrimmage of training camp, Todd Haley met with the media.  Here are the highlights:

Thoughts on the scrimmage:

“For the first scrimmage I had some nightmares about it.  Of all the things I thought could go wrong, I thought overall it was a smooth operation.  I thought that some guys definitely showed up.  I think the kicker made a couple nice kicks from distance.  He missed an easier one but overall I thought it was a good first scrimmage.  We got a lot out of it.  I know we will get a lot out of it as a staff.”

On Ryan Succop:

“I thought he hit a couple really nice ones between his misses.  I think the last one they (referees) were a little generous to him, I don’t know if it went through or not.  I just pulled one back at the end to test him a little bit and give him that mid to long range.  He missed the first one clearly, but after that I thought he was pretty solid.  He looked like he wasn’t panicking too much.”

Is having this scrimmage better than a regular practice?

“Without a doubt.  We had coaches up in the box relaying plays and personnel.  You have to practice otherwise it could be a fire drill on Saturday.  I thought it was excellent work and then we got a little run in after, a little discipline drill.”

Are you using the scrimmage as an evaluation tool?

“Yeah.  It feels like a game to the guys.  They know it is a big deal and they know it is important so the intensity level gets up.  You get to see somebody tackle and be tackled and turn the ball over, some of those things we saw.  For an evaluation, next to a preseason game, it is as good as it gets.”

Do you feel you were able to get some pressure from the outside?

“Yeah, we definitely did.  The quarterbacks were having to move around a little bit, so there was definitely some good pressure created.  It is what we need to do.”

Was it hard to sit back as a head coach and watch things develop?

“I caught myself calling a couple plays.”

When do they get the arrowheads back on their helmets?

“When they make the team. Hopefully a couple will be popping up before too long, but we haven’t even played a real game yet.”

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