Alex Smith Will Be “A Coach On The Field”

The Kansas City Chiefs trade for quarterback Alex Smith has certainly been met with mixed reactions from the fan base. TrentDilferAlexSmith

However, less than 24 hours after the news broke, it seems like the majority of the media likes this fit for the Chiefs.

Leading the charge on the national stage for Smith’s move to Kansas City is his former teammate, Trent Dilfer. The Super Bowl winner played with Smith in San Francisco and describes him as “a very dear friend”.

Dilfer talked about why Smith is the perfect player to be the Chiefs new starting quarterback on “NFL Live”.

“Not only is he a talented football player and can play really good football for a team, he also adds kind of that bridge factor for any new head coach coming into a new organization,” Dilfer said. “He’ll be a coach on the field. He’ll be a great leader in the locker room. He has a great deal of mental and physical toughness, which unless you’re on a football team, you don’t value nearly as much as we do.”

I understand he wants to paint a pretty picture for his friend, but couldn’t you just replace with “Alex” with “Matt” and have this comment be from a few years ago?

“Alex will be a tone-setter for this new Kansas City Chiefs team. And I think that may be the most valuable thing he brings to this team, is a new mentality, a work ethic, a toughness from the quarterback position that they haven’t had in a while.”

Until Smith gets into camp and shows he can be better than Cassel and/or Geno Smith flops with whichever team drafts him, there will be plenty of disgruntled fans walking around Kansas City.

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