Trent Edwards Unsure If He Can Play Sunday

As the Kansas City Chiefs game plan for Sunday’s game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, they need to prepare for four different quarterbacks.  Injured starter David Garrard has yet to be ruled out, backup Trent Edwards is nursing an injury of his own and recently signed Todd Bouman and Patrick Ramsey are the emergency options.  

After yesterday’s practice, Edwards still couldn’t say if he will be able to play.

“I don’t know honestly,” Edwards said.  “It’s a day-to-day situation right now.  I just have to do as much as I can in the training room to get back to where it needs to be.  Hopefully, I’ll be where I need to be on Sunday.”

Edwards said he was injured on the fourth or fifth play after he entered the game.

“It [the thumb] got kind of really stiff on me at halftime, and I came out and threw a couple of bad balls to start the second half,” Edwards said.  “There are no excuses, but it was just kind of a frustrating situation because it was my first opportunity [with a new team], and now my thumb is killing me.  Once I got pumped up and the adrenaline kicked in, it was fine.  Still, unfortunately, it happened to my throwing hand.”

The Jaguars seem to think that since Garrard hasn’t had a concussion since his freshman year in college that he still could be ready to play on Sunday.  Odds are that is simply posturing to keep the Chiefs on their toes, because we know the league will not allow Jacksonville to send Garrard on the field until he is symptom free and cleared by an independent doctor.

Edwards showed that he can play with his thumb injury.  The question is if the Jaguars coaching staff would rather have an injured Edwards with nearly a month of practice time under his belt or a healthy Bouman with only a week of practice.  Though Bouman the Jags offense isn’t foreign to him.  This is the second time he’s been in Jacksonville this season and 5th since 2007.

Ramsey would presumably only play in the most extreme of circumstances (think Bouman and Edwards getting into a knife fight).  My money (on who will play, not the knife fight) is on a healthy Bouman.

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