Tyson Jackson On The Mend

Chiefs defensive end Tyson Jackson returned to drills for the first time in over two weeks.  Even though he was still only a limited participant in practice, Jackson told reporters that he was happy to be out on the field at all.

“It felt great to get out of the training room and get back out there in the sun with the fellas again.”

Despite missing two of the Chiefs’ three games, Jackson hasn’t been discouraged.

“I know I’m still a part of this team and try to help the guys on the sideline, give them tips and reminders,” Jackson said.  “We’ve still got a long season to go.  I’m still not sure when I’ll be back yet, but I’m trying to push it and get back into football shape.”

With the bye this weekend, I would have felt a lot better about Jackson’s recovery if he were held out completely until Monday’s practice.  We all know that Todd Haley says he doesn’t need players tomorrow, he needs them today.  Though I would argue that it’s more important to make sure you have him in two or three weeks, something that figures to be more likely if you let his rehab his groin for an extra 5 days.

Listen, my degree is in communications.  I realize the Chiefs training staff knows how to help a player recover better than I do, but a the same time it seems like a situation with no downside to give him the extra time.  Isn’t the point of the bye to get your players healthy?

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