Uncapped 2010 Season “Virtually Certain”

While appearing on the NFL Network yesterday, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodel said the owners and the Players Association need to do a lot more work to get a deal done.

“The real core message here is that we all want to get a fair agreement, for the players, for the owners, to allow the game to continue to grow,” said Goodell. “There are conversations going on, that’s a positive step. But we’re all frustrated there’s not more progress.”

As for next season, Goodell admitted it will most likely be uncapped, “It’s looking virtually certain we’ll get to that point.”

Things get very dicey once next season becomes uncapped.  You can find all the changes explained here.

The biggest change is in the number of players now available.  Players with four seasons would have been unrestricted free agents, but now only those with six or more years experience will be unrestricted.  Anyone with four or fewer years will now be restricted free agents.

To put real numbers behind the change, 212 players that would have been unrestricted free agents will now be restricted including 6 Chiefs: Brodie Croyle, Corey Mays, Derrick Johnson, Rudy Niswanger, Ryan O’Callaghan and Jarrad Page.

Obviously with the Chiefs looking to fill some big holes this offseason, initially I thought an uncapped year would be bad for Kansas City.  But if you realize the Chiefs had one of the lowest payrolls in all of the NFL last season.  Normally I wouldn’t like Kansas City’s chances going up against teams like the Redskins when it comes to free agency but after spending so little the past couple of seasons, hopefully Clark Hunt will be willing to spend just as much money on the open market as any other team in the league.

The players they will be going after will have a couple more years of experience, which should help the team take a much bigger step next season.  Long term would I rather they bring in a 27-year old over a 30-year old?  Obviously, but there will still be plenty of solid talent on the open market starting with Julius Peppers.

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