Kirk Ferentz: I Fully Intend To Be At Iowa

Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz attempted to clear up any questions about where he will be coaching next year by releasing a statement through the school saying he has no plans to go anywhere.

“There continues to be public speculation and questions, as recently as the December 4th press conference, regarding my coaching future at Iowa or elsewhere.  To emphasize what I have said previously, I am very happy at Iowa.  We have a great staff and group of student athletes, and we receive outstanding support from President Sally Mason and Director of Athletics Gary Barta. I fully intend to be at Iowa next year and well beyond 2012.”

Though this will quiet some of the speculation about Ferentz, it should be pointed out that he said “I will be at Iowa next year” but rather “I fully intend to be”.  It may be a stretch to read into the wording, but it does give him the ability to defend making the statement in the first place, which was done to protect recruits from being swayed from Iowa by other schools pointing to a potential coaching change.

There’s no reason for him to leave a gig that pays him $3.675 annually for being average in the Big Ten.  After all, Ferentz has just a 30-26 conference record over the last seven seasons, not exactly the type of performance that usually delivers that big of a salary.

Still, his long standing friendship with Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli should keep Ferentz somewhere in the background while the discussion about the next head coach is going on.

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