Vermeil Heading To Larry Johnson’s Alma Mater

As we all know, former Chiefs head coach Dick Vermeil is known to be quite the speaker.  On Tuesday, April 20th, Vermeil will be the special guest of Penn State’s Student Programming Association Distinguished Speaker Series.

The event is free and open to the public but tickets are required for admittance.  Tickets are available now for students — two issued per I.D. — and will be available to faculty, staff and the general public on Tuesday, April 13, based on availability.

He and his wife, Carol, are active philanthropists for organizations like the Philadelphia-area The Second Mile Center jobs-training program and The Boy Scouts of Chester County.  Vermeil hosts an annual golfing fundraiser for the Boy Scouts group, raising about $100,000 each year.  The Vermeils also are partners in OnThEdge Winery, where Vermeil produces his own cabernet wine.

Distinguished Speaker Series tickets are available at the following locations and times:

For more information about the Distinguished Speaker Series and the Student Programming Association, visit here.

It’s hard to decide on an over/under of Larry Johnson mentions.  If there is a Q&A section, I think it would have to be at least 12.5.  But if Vermeil is just there to speak, then 2.5 is a much more realistic number with all of those will likely be a part of his opening joke(s).

Besides Vermeil being a great speaker, this event is worth any PSU student’s time just in case there is any diaper talk.

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