Vermeil Working On His Vintage

For those of you wondering what former Chiefs coach Dick Vermeil has been doing with his time, Bob Gretz gives a fantastic glimpse into his life since leaving football.VermeilWines

Vermeil’s retirement from coaching and the success of the wine has led to expanded production and the creation of the Vermeil Wine Group.  They hope to expand production to 10,000 cases, and if the wine starts to sell, there may one day be a Vermeil winery for production.  As of now, the tasting room opened this summer right in Calistoga and has been a big hit.

“It’s been a lot of fun,” Vermeil said.  “I don’t claim to really know much about making wine, other than I know it’s hard work.  I’m involved with some very talented people.  It’s not unlike being a head coach and having a great staff of assistants.”

In fact, he’s dubbed the winery’s GM and Director of Sales Tom Ward his offensive coordinator, as they try to increase the distribution of Vermeil Wines around the country.

Vermeil held a wine dinner several weeks ago in Kansas City, and many of his former players were there, including the likes of limited partner Trent Green, Priest Holmes and even Larry Johnson.

LJ and Vermeil breaking bread together?  I wish I would have known about that, because I would have happily shelled out the $95 to see them share a bottle of Cab.

I’m happy where the Chiefs franchise is headed right now, but I have to say my favorite years as a fan were the ones Vermeil was running the ship.  Sure, it was no fun having a Swiss cheese defense, but I loved knowing your team was never out of a game because if you blinked they could put up 21 points.

I’ve always been partial to throwing the ball around the field and hopefully we’ll see that again here in a couple of seasons.  This time we just might get a defense to go along with the flashy offense.

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