Vernon Davis Guarantees Victory

The San Francisco 49ers will come into Arrowhead Stadium Sunday looking for their first victory of the season.  For a team picked by many to win the NFC West, getting out of the game with three straight losses will make that a tall task even in that division.

But don’t take the Niners 0-2 record as something that has hurt their confidence.  Just the opposite seems to be happening, with tight end Vernon Davis telling Kansas City reporters today that he guarantees a San Francisco victory.

“We have to win this one.  We will win this one,” Davis said.  “I’m pretty confident that we will pull this one out.”

As reporters often do, they gave Davis a chance to rephrase his statements in a way that is a bit less bulletin board-worthy, but he decided to stay the course.

“We will win this game.  We have the team to do it.  We’ve just got to get rid of all the mistakes.  Without the mistakes, there’s no telling where we can go.  There’s no limit.”

It’s not as if it’s rare to hear a player speak confidently about his team.  It’s just one step to the right of the typical Matt Cassel quotes about how good a team can be if they play mistake-free football.  What Davis decided to do was replace “should” with “will”.

No one expects a player — Davis or anyone else — to preach about how his team is going to roll over and take a beating.  But I’m pretty sure 49ers coach Mike Singletary, an outspoken person in his own right, wishes that his volatile tight end had chosen his words slightly more carefully.

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