Vick: I Thought I’d Be Starting

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick is playing his first game since 2006 Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs.  But the former Pro Bowler said in an interview he expected to get a starting job when he returned to the NFL.

“This is not the exact scenario I thought would play out.  I thought I’d be playing with a team and actually starting.  I know I can play this game.  I know I can play it for a long time.  I still have the speed, the quickness and the mind to run an NFL offense.”

Vick did, however, praise the Eagles franchise.

“The organization is awesome.  They care and want me to succeed and I appreciate that.  And, I’m glad I’m here.”

I know Vick is confident in his abilities, but he couldn’t possibly really thought any NFL team would put all of their eggs in his basket.  If there is one position you cannot mess around with, it’s quarterback.

Even if he plays this year, is a perfect citizen and shows the explosiveness he had with the Falcons I think he will have a hard time getting a job as a starting quarterback.  It’s simply too much to ask a franchise to hang their entire offense on a guy that spent two years in prison and is one arrest away from never playing in the league again.

Appreciate where you are and embrace your new role, Michael.

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