Wallace Gilberry Fined $7,500

The NFL has fined DE Wallace Gilberry $7,500 for a hit on Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, NFP reports.

According to his agent, Terry Bolar, Gilberry plans to file an appeal.

In the second quarter of the Chiefs’ overtime win, Gilberry hit Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick in the area of his face.

According to a letter from the league office, Gilberry violated the NFL rule prohibiting defenders from making impermissible contact using the helmet or facemask or other parts of the body to hit the quarterback in the head, neck or face area.

It’s his right to appeal, but this one isn’t going away.  Fellow DE Shaun Smith had his fine rescinded but even the video of that infraction left room for some doubt.  With the league protecting quarterbacks as much as possible, I would be absolutely shocked if Gilberry doesn’t have to write a check.

I’m sure Todd Haley won’t have an issue with the fine.  It will remind his player not to commit silly penalties to extend drives.  The Chiefs defense had stopped the Bills on third down at the end of the first half but because of the penalty they were given a first down.  Even though Buffalo didn’t score, they ran out the rest of the half, taking away a 2-minute opportunity from the Kansas City offense.

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