Watch: Camp Life – Conditioning Day

Kansas City Chiefs public relations coordinator Josh Looney explains just what Todd Haley’s conditioning test entails.  He also caught up with a few of the Chiefs players after they finished the test.

If the video is not showing up (it’s been going in and out), click on the link to see the video.

Looney gives the details of the test: The player lines up at the goal line, sprints to the 50, then back to the goal line, repeating that sprint until you get to 300 yards.  You then take a short rest before sprinting another 300 yards.  The player will take one final break and then finish with a third 300 yard shuttle.  The only information left out is the exact time each position level must complete the test.

Wow, so it’s much more extreme than the initial report of 3 reps of 150 yard sprints.  I went out and completed the shorter test and I nearly passed out trying to finish it!  And now I’m getting dizzy just thinking about heading out to the football field to run 900 yards… Though I guess it will be the closest I’ll ever get to competing on the football field the same way as the Chiefs players.

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