Watch: Rookie Mini-Camp Wrap

After the Kansas City Chiefs finished their three day rookie mini-camp, Todd Haley and CB Donald Washington met with the media to discuss the weekend.

Haley on the new guys picking up the system on day three:

“Yeah, I would say today was the best day. Again, the conditioning aspect of it was pretty obvious to me and when you have as few guys as we had out there and they reach that point then it becomes counter-productive. So, we slowed the pace down and did things different than how we’re normally going to do it which is frustrating as a coach because you want to show them the way you want to practice. But we were very clear with them that we made some adjustments so we could get through practice.”

And if the team has enough quarterbacks to get through camp:

“As it stands, yeah. (Brodie) Croyle is the wildcard right now just on when we’re going to get him back (from injury).  We’re hoping that he’ll be ready before camp.”

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CB Donald Washington on the message from the coaching staff:

“We need to get used to doing things the way the Chiefs do it. We have to get out of the old habits and get used to doing the new things.”

And if it will be a challenge competing with so many young corners:

“Regardless if they are young or old, it is going to be a challenge. You are a professional athlete in the National Football League. Everybody is good no matter how old they are. It is just a matter of going out and competing. I don’t think age has anything to do with it.”

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It’s hard to gather much from a three day camp that only had 33 players, including just three wide receivers and two quarterbacks with little pro potential.  More telling will be if the team signs any of the tryout players or releases any of the 12 undrafted free agents signed following the draft.  While it would be early to cut a guy after one three day mini-camp I don’t think we can assume anything with this regime.

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