Waters Isn’t Worried About Charles/Jones Situation

After two games, veteran Thomas Jones has twice as many carries as third-year back Jamaal Charles.  Even though he was electrifying for the Kansas City Chiefs last season after taking over for Larry Johnson, Charles is resigned to being the backup.

The issue has been popular fodder for the media and fans alike, but to hear Chiefs guard Brian Waters talk, the players in the locker room aren’t worried.

“I don’t get concerned about it,” Waters told reporters.  “We’ve had situations in the past where there’s been some animosity between the guys, but that’s not the case in this particular situation.”

After seeing both the Priest Holmes/Larry Johnson and Johnson/Charles dynamic, he would know better than anyone on the Chiefs roster about animosity between players competing for playing time.

When it comes to Jones and Charles, Waters makes it clear they are clear about how things are going to go this year.

“Both guys understand their roles.  I think both guys like each other.  They like being around each other.  They support each other.

“That’s why I don’t think it’s a big situation in this locker room.”

A huge factor is that Jones played a similar role last season with the Jets on the way to the playoffs.  Rookie Shonn Greene didn’t have the success of Charles, but he still was pushing Jones for playing time as the season went along.  Greene finally took charge during the playoffs as the Jets were a half away from the Super Bowl.

In order for this situation to work, first you need to believe Waters when he says that these two fully support each other.  Then you have to make sure Charles stays supportive, something that is hard to believe after seeing his frustration start to boil over on the field against the Browns last week.

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