Waters: Moving Albert “Totally Ridiculous”

The Kansas City Chiefs opened up their offseason workouts without Brian Waters for the second year in a row on Monday and The Star’s Adam Teicher talked to the Chiefs guard about his absence.  They also talked about Branden Albert and the on going debate about moving him to the right side.

”Branden got the worst rap out of anybody on our football team over the last two years.  Without a shadow of a doubt, he’s a left tackle.”

”This negative tone I’ve been hearing about him not being able to play tackle, moving to guard . . . Moving him to guard is totally ridiculous, to be honest with you.  Moving him to right tackle to me would be the worst thing for him as well because if you draft a tackle up high and bring him in and (move Albert to right tackle), then basically you’ve got two new guys.  You’re basically starting him over and then you’ve also got a rookie.  I don’t think that would be in the best interest for him and the team as well.”

Most of Waters’ comments are your run of the mill defending of a teammate.  But that last part is what a lot of people have been trying to stress: switching sides of the line is not like flipping a switch.

If the Chiefs spend next year with Russell Okung at left tackle and Albert at right tackle, Matt Cassel will be playing behind the equivalent of rookie tackles.  Even the most optimistic fan couldn’t feel confident about next season with uncertainty on both sides of the line.

I’m not saying Albert can’t succeed at right tackle or his natural position of guard.  And I’m certainly not saying Scott Pioli should avoid Okung or any other tackle with the fifth pick in the draft.  But it’s important to realize that if he does go in the direction we won’t see the results for a couple of seasons.

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