Waters, Vrabel The Only Absent Chiefs

The Chiefs are still two weeks away from their first official OTAs, but workouts have been going on in Kansas City since March 29th.  Bob Gretz has Haley’s early impressions of the team’s workouts, including perfect attendance with the exception of two key veterans.

“I am excited about the guys that have been here working out,” Haley said.  “I can’t stress that enough, I know I go over the top on this off-season (program), but it is so critical to success and you must be pushing towards the top in that area to have a chance to sustain and be a good team over the long haul.  I am really excited about what these guys are doing here on a daily basis.”

Here’s what is so exciting about the off-season program for Haley: with the exception of veterans Brian Waters and Mike Vrabel, every other player on the roster has been in the program.

“That’s everyone, 100 percent?” Haley was asked.

“Everyone,” he said.

The head coach believes his team will start the OTA period in two weeks far more advanced in the most basic factor in his program – being in the correct physical condition.

“Guys are where they were at the end of last year’s program right now,” Haley said.  “That opens up all sorts of possibilities and avenues for them to get better, stronger, faster, quicker and with more stamina.  That’s going to pay off.

“I think we’re all working, we understand all that has to happen.  There is no misconception there for any of us, and we’re working hard to be better in every area we can be, to do a better job of getting these guys ready to play and win games.”

I’m part of the minority, but it really does bug me that Waters and Vrabel are the lone holdouts from theses offseason workouts.  They both showed last season that they could perform at a high level while only showing up for required activities so it’s hard to argue that being in Kansas City in March and April will help them improve their play and I understand that.  It would just send such a message about this regime and how far they’ve come if every single player were in the facility working towards bringing the Chiefs back to the playoffs.

When the OTA period kicks off in a couple weeks and then training camp after that, it will be a welcome change not to have conditioning be a daily topic of conversation.  Instead of worrying about the players being in shape, we can talk about…  dare I say… football?!

Especially with there being new coordinators on both sides of the ball, it’s even more important for all of the Chiefs to be in shape from day one.

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