Week 1 NFL Picks

The first game of the season may have been Thursday, but the real start of the NFL season is today.  There are few things better in sports than the first full slate of NFL games on Sunday.  Sure, it would be better if the Chiefs were involved, but other than that you couldn’t ask for much more.

As I was preparing for today like the rest of you, I got an email asking for some help with last minute picks.  Though the first question was “How did you do last season?”

I was just north of 60% last year.  I don’t think that’s too shabby and even though I started with a loss on Thursday, it seemed natural to post my picks here every week (more than an hour before kickoff going forward).


Minnesota at New Orleans (-6) – Saints

Miami at Buffalo (+3) – Dolphins

Detroit at Chicago (-6.5) – Lions

Oakland at Tennessee (-6.5) – Titans

Cincinnati at New England (-5.5) – Patriots

Carolina at NY Giants (-7) – Panthers

Atlanta at Pittsburgh (+1.5) – Falcons

Cleveland at Tampa Bay (-3) – Browns

Denver at Jacksonville (-3) – Broncos

Indianapolis at Houston (+2.5) – Colts

Arizona at St. Louis (+4) – Cardinals

Green Bay at Philadelphia (+3) – Packers

San Francisco at Seattle (+3) – Niners

Dallas at Washington (+3.5) – Cowboys

Baltimore at NY Jets (-2.0) – Jets

San Diego at Kansas City (+5) – Chiefs

Taking 11 road teams?  Could be an ugly start this year!

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