Week 4 NFL Picks

Following a week with a lot of dangerous games (it’s easy for me to say after posting a losing record), the NFL delivers a much more welcoming slate.

Unfortunately I find myself back at .500, but looking to forward to a nice bounce back.  Luckily I can’t jinx myself by picking against the Chiefs again.  It was all downhill for my picks after that game.

Last Week: 7-9
Season: 23-23-2

San Francisco at Atlanta (-7) – Falcons

NY Jets at Buffalo (+6) – Jets

Cincinnati at Cleveland (+3) – Bengals

Detroit at Green  Bay (-14.5) – Lions

Denver at Tennessee (-7) – Titans

Seattle at St. Louis (+1.5) – Rams

Carolina at New Orleans (-14) – Saints

Baltimore at Pittsburgh (-1) – Ravens

Houston at Oakland (+3.5) – Texans

Indianapolis at Jacksonville (+8.5) – Colts

Washington at Philadelphia (-6) – Eagles

Arizona at San Diego (-8.5) – Chargers

Chicago at NY Giants (-3) – Bears

New England at Miami (+1) – Dolphins

Last week there were 9 home dogs and 3 home teams favored by more than 10 points.  This time around that number is down to 6 and 2, respectively.

I’m probably asking for trouble believing that the Lions can deliver with the two touchdowns they are being given after flopping against the Vikings, but the Packers offensive line is an ugly place to be.  That should be enough to keep the game within 14 points.

The national games are both intriguing to me.  The Bears are hot and taking on a struggling Giants squad but manage to be getting 3 points.  Then you have MNF between the Pats and Dolphins that is basically a PK.  Miami went down to the wire with the Jets last week while the Pats had to fend off the hapless Bills.  When it doubt, take the home team.

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