Weis And Waters Headline Chiefs Injury List

The Kansas City Chiefs kicked off training camp today in St. Joseph with a nearly full roster.  First round pick Eric Berry is on his way to camp after coming to terms with the team and Jarrad Page has still yet to sign his restricted tender.  Everyone else was accounted for and nearly all were healthy.  In fact the Chiefs had as many injured coaches as they did players.

Guard Brian Waters was in the rehab zone nursing an undisclosed injury while offensive coordinator Charlie Weis had to use a motorized scooter and cane to get around practice.

“Charlie had a last-minute something,” Haley said.  “His knee went out at the 11th hour and it was as bad as timing that you could have for him, but he toughed it out and found a way to get through.  I thought he did a heck of a job.”

Ryan Lilja would agree with Haley’s assessment of Weis’ performance.

“Coach Weis is going to make his presence felt even if he’s lying down on his back in sunglasses.”

There were two other players missing from practice — DL Dion Gales and OL Ike Ndukwe — but both were believed to have failed Haley’s conditioning test.

Gez, Weis just can’t get through a job without running into some sort of health issue.

He nearly died while with the Patriots due to complications from gastric bypass surgery.  Then at Notre Dame, one of Weis’ players ran into him, tearing his ACL and MCL forcing him to undergo knee surgery.  Maybe the silver lining for Weis is that he got the injury out of the way early and can spend the rest of his time with the Chiefs injury free.

Speaking of injury free, it’s great to see the Chiefs find themselves that way save a minor issue with Waters.  Injuries happen and Kansas City no doubt will have to deal with them throughout camp, but knowing that all the players held back during OTAs (Jamaal Charles, Brandon Flowers, Quinten Lawrence and Lance Long) were ready for action has to be a welcome sight for the coaching staff.

As for the healthy players not named Berry that missed today’s practice — Page, Gales, Ndukwe — none of them are locks for the roster and can’t afford to miss a lot of time.

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