Weis Reportedly Following His Son To Florida

When reports started to surface that Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Chiefs Weis was headed to University of Florida to serve in the same capacity, it seemed there had to be more to the story.  Turns out there is, according to 810 WHB.

We learned Weis’ son was set to go to U-T to work under Muschamp in the football office while going to school and now will follow him to Fla

Being able to be around his son on a daily basis would make what is basically a demotion much easier to take.  Not to mention that after losing Urban Meyer’s huge salary, UF has a ton of money to spend which likely means a raise for Weis next season.

Working with his son?  Potentially more money?  Parading his rascal around in nicer weather?  The pieces are starting to all come together.

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