When Can We Go Back To Acting Normal?

Did you know the Kansas City Chiefs are 5.5 point underdogs Sunday when they head to Cleveland to take on the Browns? Do you care as little about it as I do?

I sat down to write about their trip as dogs and how they are 2-3 against the spread on the road this season. But it still doesn’t feel right to talk about odds and records when we keep finding out more disturbing details about what led to the murder/suicide involving Jovan Belcher’s.

There isn’t ever going to be a time when that heinous act will be forgotten, especially for those that knew the linebacker and his girlfriend, Kasandra Perkins. They will all have deep wounds that will need tending to for years to come.

GM Scott Pioli, head coach Romeo Crennel and defensive coordinator Gary Gibbs will be living with an image no human should have to ever see.

And the fans? I don’t want to speak for all of Chiefs Nation, but I know I’m still trying to make sense of this senseless act of violence. I’m not sure things will ever be “normal” (whatever that means) around Arrowhead Stadium again. There is always hope for healing, but this is such a unique situation, there’s no way to know when we can go back to talking about draft picks and turnovers and have it seem important.

Is it just a matter of faking it until things start feeling like they used to?

Three days later I’m not anywhere closer to answers about the right way to move forward as a fan. The only thing I know is I’m just as lost now as I was Saturday morning when a phone call woke me up to this terrible situation.

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