Whitlock: Crennel Puts Haley On Hot Seat

Though they have yet to announce it, the Kansas City Chiefs agreed to terms with Romeo Crennel yesterday to be their defensive coordinator.  According to The Star’s Jason Whitlock, bringing in Crennel puts Todd Haley’s job in jeopardy.

Today, all I’m sure of is that Crennel’s hiring increases the likelihood that Todd Haley is in a make-or-break season in 2010.

If things go poorly next season, don’t look for Pioli, Weis and Crennel to take the blame.  They have nine Super Bowl rings among them.  In their mind, they know exactly what it takes to win at the highest level in the NFL.

Haley either has no political savvy, no interest in playing the kind of politics that enhances a coach’s longevity or zero leverage when putting together a coaching staff.

Given the previous working relationship of Pioli, Weis and Crennel — and Weis’ oversized ego — it would be a seamless transition for Pioli to install Weis as head coach midway through the 2010 season or at the start of 2011.

My gut says Haley’s ego and gambling nature make him unaware of the ramifications of his decisions.  Firing Chan Gailey was a colossal error.  With the offensive personnel provided to him by Pioli, Haley should’ve held on to Gailey for a season.  There was no reason for the head coach to attach his reputation and credibility to a receiver-less offense.

I am convinced that the Kansas City Chiefs could win the Super Bowl next year and Whitlock’s column the day after would be about how it was in spite of Haley coaching the team.

Somehow Haley is stupid for wanting to surround himself with the best available coaches?  Would have have said the same thing about Tom Coughin if the Giants hired Crennel?

He also makes a note that Bill Parcells never won a Super Bowl without Bill Belichick and that maybe someday we’ll say that about Crennel and Belichick.  Does he forget that the Patriots have yet to win without Weis and Crennel?

You can never go wrong be having as much talent as possible on your roster and the sidelines.  Even a pure Haley-hater like Whitlock should be able to recognize that.

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