Whitlock: Haley-Bowe Feud Must End

The Kansas City Chiefs dropped their first preseason game of the season to the Houston Texans 16-10 last night at Arrowhead Stadium.  In the loss, Matt Cassel only managed to throw for 15 yards on two completions.  The Kansas City Star’s Jason Whitlock believes Cassel will not be able to have any chance at success without Bowe on the field with him.

The Bowe-Haley feud has to end.  We don’t have to declare a winner.  Haley can take credit for inspiring Bowe to play hard.  Bowe can satisfy himself with the knowledge that the Chiefs’ offense can’t move forward without him.

Haley wants to establish himself as a young Bill Parcells.  That’s an admirable goal.  Someone better remind Haley that Parcells made his no-nonsense bones in the era before players received multimillion-dollar signing bonuses.

Parcells had far more leverage.  Players have plenty of leverage now.  Bowe can hold this offense hostage.  Cassel’s success is dependent on Bowe.

Bowe may never be a great practice player.  He may never duplicate Jerry Rice’s hands.

Until the Chiefs find someone better, Haley is going to have to learn to co-exist with Bowe.   Haley came up as a receivers coach. He’s known for clashing with receivers.  We’ve seen him battle Terrell Owens and Anquan Boldin.

When Haley was an assistant, there was always a head coach to mediate his dispute with receivers.  Now Haley is the mediator.  He might be a bit heavy-handed.  He might not fully appreciate the ramifications of his Joe “Lean on Me” Clark disciplinary strategy.

Cassel is still in the infancy of building the kind of confidence it takes to excel as a starting quarterback.  He’s been a starting quarterback once in his last eight seasons.  He had a pretty good season leading one of the NFL’s best teams.

He won’t have the luxury of quarterbacking a great team this season.  He’s been elected the captain of the Titanic.  Bowe is the lone working engine of the Titanic offense.

It’s not wise to clown around with Bowe.

Can we not make a huge deal out of one preseason game, please?  Because Cassel struggled during a couple series and Bowe was running with the second team we now need for Haley to kneel in front of Bowe?  I don’t buy it.

And even if the offense continues to struggle in the next couple of games and Bowe stays in Haley’s doghouse, I don’t want the Head Coach to change a thing.  I believe Bowe will get with the program and end up being this team’s No. 1 wide receiver just like most of us expected him to be during the offseason.

If Bowe never comes around to the way Scott Pioli and Haley want to do things in Kansas City then they can move on without the former first round pick.  This is a marathon, not a sprint and the men in charge need to find players that want to be a part of winning football with the Chiefs.

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