Whitlock: Mike Brown Could Be KC’s Rodney Harrison

Could the Kansas City Chiefs have found their very own Rodney Harrison with the signing of Mike Brown?  Jason Whitlock seems to think that might be the case after his old college roommate, Frank, told him the Chiefs got the steal of free agency.MikeBrown5

“When Mike Brown is healthy he’s a beast.  When he was at the top of his game, he was the leader of the Chicago defense, not (Brian) Urlacher.  Anybody who watched the Bears would tell you that.”

My initial reaction to the signing was negative.  I thought it signified that Jarrad Page and/or Bernard Pollard had flopped.  And maybe/probably it does.  Or maybe it means something much more positive.  Maybe it means Scott Pioli and Todd Haley found their Rodney Harrison, the quarterback of the Patriots’ defense for the past six seasons.

Maybe there’s nothing at all negative about Brown’s signing.  Maybe it’s all good.  The similarities between Brown and Harrison are obvious.

Before joining the Patriots, Harrison was the safety assassin for the San Diego Chargers for nine years.  He represented the Chargers in the Pro Bowl one season and was widely regarded as one of the most physical (and dirty) players in the league.

Harrison had a terrific six-year run in New England.  Had the Patriots completed their undefeated run two years ago, Rodney Harrison might have an argument for inclusion in the Hall of Fame.

Unlike everyone else on the Kansas City defense (except Mike Vrabel), Brown knows what it’s like and what it takes to play on and contribute to a great defense.  That experience will be invaluable in the locker room and in the huddle.

Overall, I like the Brown move.  It could be Pioli’s best move of the offseason.  Brown is exactly the kind of acquisition we should’ve expected when Clark Hunt turned over control of the team to Pioli.  Matt Cassel’s acquisition garnered the biggest national headlines, but he is not the typical Pioli target.  Cassel is actually way too high-risk for Pioli’s taste.  There’s little risk in signing Brown.

The Chiefs have plenty of young safeties if Brown falls off a cliff.

As much as I don’t like Pioli’s secretive ways, I have to admit that his vision for the Chiefs is starting to take shape through his actions.  I like so far what we can see of his vision.

It’s good to see that Whitlock’s distaste for the so-called “secretive ways” of Scott Pioli haven’t stopped him from seeing the positive things the new GM has done.  I hoped the Chiefs would sign Brown when he first came to Kansas City for a visit and immediately felt better about the depth in the secondary when he was officially added to the roster.  Bernard Pollard and Jarrad Page have been good the last couple of years and that was with no veteran leadership around them.  Brown really could help them take that next step.

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