Will The Rams Pass On Suh?

The general consensus since the season ended was that Nebraska’s Ndamukong Suh is a lock to go first in April’s draft to the St. Louis Rams.  According to Buc ‘Em (via Arrowhead Pride), ESPN’s Adam Schefter is convinced that the Rams will pass on Suh to take Sam Bradford.

“On the basis of what I’ve talked to people around the league, everything I’ve heard and at some point it’s gonna shift to this guy, and I don’t know whether it will be now or late March.  It will probably be after his pro day when he goes to his pro day and goes through his workout, then all of a sudden, it’ll be about a month from now, we’ll start hearing ‘Wow, would and could the Rams take with #1 overall pick, Sam Bradford?’.

“And I believe ultimately when all is said and done that the Rams’ #1 pick on April 22nd 2 months from now, will be Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford. And I am willing to take all bets on that…

“Let me say this, I have not spoken to the Rams about it at all.  I don’t need to. I  have spoken to enough other people and have heard enough other things that tell me there is no way the St. Louis Rams will not wind up taking Sam Bradford.  And you know what?  My colleagues, Todd McShay and Mel Kiper who do a great job, I noticed that Sam Bradford is not in their top 5.  I can promise you that’s wrong.  I can promise you.”

You can count me among the people that thought (and still thinks) that Suh will be the top pick when all is said and done.  But this does open up a very interesting batch of scenarios.

Assuming that Suh and Gerald McCoy go second and third, respectively, and the Redskins take Notre Dame’s Jimmy Clausen the Chiefs could be looking at their choice of tackles as well as Eric Berry staring them in the face.

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