Will The Real Kansas City Chiefs Please Stand Up?

Todd Haley has often talked about the Chiefs needing to win ugly.  Being a team still developing, those are the type of games they are best built to win.  As The Star’s Sam Mellinger points out, what could be uglier than the Sunday’s Chiefs-Raiders game?

Either the Raiders out-Chiefed the Chiefs in winning ugly or the Chiefs out-Raidered the Raiders in giving a game away.

No matter what the answer, Kansas City now faces an uncomfortable week of wondering whether its team has lost its mojo.

“All we can do is keep fighting,” defensive lineman Shaun Smith says.  “That’s what we’ll do.”

Over the last nine quarters — 10, if you count a full overtime against Buffalo — the Chiefs gave away two 10-point fourth quarter leads in Houston, needed luck to beat the league’s last winless team, and now … this.

The Chiefs gave up a kickoff return for a touchdown and wiped out a punt return of their own with a penalty. They lost a field goal on a holding penalty, and at least three more points on an interception at the end of the first half. They took an effective 31-yard penalty on a kick return, and whiffed on fielding the opening kickoff of overtime.

The Chiefs built a half-season’s worth of good vibes on playing solid and smart and gave away what could have been 2010’s defining moment by playing flaky and stupid.

If you’ve followed Kansas City Chiefs football at all this season, then you know not to expect the sexiest of games every Sunday.  But this was beyond “not sexy” and bordered on unwatchable at times.  It was the exact opposite of what the Chiefs have been doing all year.

League leading rushing attack in perfect running conditions?  Held to just 104 yards with Jamaal Charles and his season average of 6.5 yards per carry only rushing 10 times.

One of the least penalized teams going all the way back to the end of last season?  12 penalties for 100 yards including two that combined to take 10 points off the board.

I suppose if the Chiefs are going to live in bizarro world, Oakland seems like the most appropriate place for it to happen.

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