Would The Chiefs Draft Jimmy Clausen?

With former Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis now running the offense, would the Kansas City Chiefs draft Irish quarterback Jimmy Clausen?  Adam Teicher asked ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper who Scott Pioli might select at No. 5 and he brought up the Notre Dame QB’s name.

“Charlie Weis is in Kansas City and Jimmy Clausen (will be) there at five.  Do they take Clausen and deal Cassel to Denver, say?  There’s always going to be talk about that if Clausen is there because Charlie Weis is a huge Jimmy Clausen fan, as everybody knows.’’

The Chiefs have too much invested in Matt Cassel to go in another direction now.  They also appear to like Brodie Croyle too much to go for Clausen or any other quarterback in an early round.

But because of Clausen’s past with Weis, the possibility might be slim but it can’t be ignored.

We very well could see a former Notre Dame quarterback on the Chiefs roster this year, but it’s much more likely to be Brady Quinn than Clausen.  Even though he is expected to rise on draft boards once he’s able to work out for teams, Clausen — or any quarterback for that matter — is a long shot to land in Kansas City.

Even if suddenly Todd Haley and Weis agreed to go in a different direction from Cassel and had to trade him there is no way he would go to Denver.  I’m sure Pioli and Josh McDaniels are still tight, but there’s no way the Chiefs GM is about to provide the Broncos with a starting quarterback.

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