Zach Thomas Files Grievance Against Chiefs

Former Chiefs linebacker Zach Thomas has filed a grievance against Kansas City for his 2009 salary for cutting him without an injury settlement after he suffered a concussion early in training camp, according to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen.ZachThomas7

Thomas, a victim of multiple concussions in his career, visited the Pittsburgh Brain Imaging Research Center, sources said.  Doctors told Thomas that his career was in his hands but the linebacker never played in a preseason game for the Chiefs.  Thomas was among the team’s final roster cuts.

Neither the concussion Thomas suffered nor his visit to the Pittsburgh research center were made public.

While, Thomas’ agent, Drew Rosenhaus, claimed Thomas wanted to play again, sources said those prospects are slim.

A Chiefs source said Thomas was cleared to play by doctors and the decision to cut him was performance-based.

Can he really have much of a case when his agent was out there immediately after Thomas was cut saying how he wanted to play again?

I’m not doubting that Thomas suffered a sever concussion or that he wants to play again.  But in this situation, if you want to claim you deserve an injury settlement, you have to step up as soon as the roster move is made and talk about the injury you suffered while on the Chiefs forcing you to retire.

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