Zoey Belcher’s Fate To Be Determined In Missouri

A Fort Worth judge dismissed a custody case involving the orphaned daughter for Kansas City Chiefs LB Jovan Belcher according to the Star-Telegram. Judge Jerome Henningan decided Texas was not little Zoey Belcher’s home state, meaning the case will be handled exclusively in Missouri.

Custody of the infant was originally given to Jovan’s mother Cheryl Shepherd, who was in the house when the murder of Kasandra Perkins took place. She is seeking to become Zoey’s guardian and conservator of her estate, but the child is no longer with Shepherd and is reportedly being looked after by an adult cousin, Sophie Perkins, in Austin.

With the two sides not speaking, the petitions were filed in both states. But with the dismissal decided as the best course of action by both judges via conference call, this will finally be resolved in Missouri.

Unfortunately, the custody battle is likely just as much over the money due to her estate. Her estate or guardian will receive over $100,000 annually over the next four years, then roughly $50,000 every year until she turns 18 with that age jumping to 23 if she attends college. There is also the trust set up by the Kansas City Chiefs that could also be worth millions.

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