Zoey Belcher Custody Hearing Opens Today

The darkest day for the Kansas City Chiefs last season had nothing to do with football. It was when LB Jovan Belcher murdered his girlfriend and killed himself, leaving his daughter, infant Zoey, an orphan.

Since that day in December, Zoey Belcher hasn’t placed in a single stable household as she deserves. Instead she has been the center of a custody fight that will finally head to court Tuesday in Missouri.

Jovan Belcher’s mother Cheryl Shepherd, who was in the house when the murder of Kasandra Perkins took place, had been given custody of Zoey. She is seeking to become guardian and conservator of Zoey’s estate, but is being challenged by Sophie Perkins, a cousin of Kasandra from Pflugerville, Texas.

Perkins also wants letters of guardianship and conservatorship for her parents and Angela Moore, Kasandra’s sister.

Unfortunately, it’s safe to say not everyone involved in this case is looking out for the best interests of Zoey. Instead some could see this as a chance to control the potential millions that will be going to the estate, led by a trust fund established by the Hunt family.

Zoey will also get more than $1 million under terms of the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement. The estate is set to receive over $100,000 annually over the next four years, then nearly $50,000 every year until the 9-month old turns 18, or 23 if she attends college.

Here’s hoping whatever the outcome of this custody case that Zoey will be with someone that cares for her and not just the money due to her estate.

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