Zoey Belcher Custody Ruling Handed Down

Following months of back-and-forth between the mother of former Kansas City Chiefs LB Jovan Belcher and the cousin of the woman he murdered, the permanent custody of little Zoey Belcher was decided on Thursday.

A Jackson County probate commissioner appointed Sophie Perkins as the legal guardian of the 9-month-old daughter of Belcher and Kasandra Perkins. Sophie Perkins, Kasandra’s cousin, was deemed “the most suitable person” to raise Zoey and will do so in Texas.

Though both sides had used the three-day hearing to bring up negative issues about the other, Probate Commissioner Daniel Wheeler said in his ruling “both parties are appropriate to serve as guardian”. He also labeled the actions of all involved as “heroic”.

“Two families, acquaintances at best, more than a thousand miles apart, were suddenly required to determine how best to care for an orphaned infant,” Wheeler wrote. “Two family members came forward.”

And with the matter now decided, let’s hope we don’t hear about Zoey in the news anytime in the future. She needs to get settled in Texas and be raised in as stable a situation as possible.

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